How delightful! a school trip to THE ZOO!  And to make the treat extra special, it's feeding time for the crocodiles.  Build this wonderful automaton and see the fun as the children run excitedly from the bus, to give Mr.Croc a big hug! You can buy 'feeding time' on our shopping cart page HERE 

  This kit builds into a fabulous mechanical model. When the handle's turned, the children trot in a never-ending stream from the bus, to meet their fate between the snapping jaws of the crocodile. This model is approx.40 cm long, 17cm wide and 17cm high, and represents very good value at only £14.00!  The instructions are very comprehensive with over 50 diagrams, but the model isn't suitable for younger children, as care and patience ( and a sharp craft knife!) are needed to build.  You can buy him on our shopping cart page, HERE