Here's the wonderful PIE FACTORY!

    Build this fabulous kit and see the amazing pie-making action as you crank the handle.  In goes a pig... out comes a pork pie.      A cow follows, and (of course) a beef pie emerges, to be loaded into the waiting delivery van.  Then a shepherd appears from behind the bushes and enters the factory.  What happens next? You'll find the terrible truth as you turn the handle.  The finished model is quite large at approx 40 centimeters long, 13cm wide and 30cm high.  It's fantastic value at only £17.00.  All you'll need to build your kit is a sharp craft knife and a tube of glue. Full step-by-step instructions are provided, with over 30 diagrams to aid assembly, but this kit isn't suitable for younger children, because a fair degree of skill and patience (and a sharp knife!) are needed to build it.  You can buy the pie factory HERE