Artist Automaton


This is our most complex kit!

When the handle is turned the artist looks up at his model, then down at his easel and -amazingly- he starts to draw.  Keep turning and you’ll be amazed to see that he actually does a real pencil drawing of the model on a ‘post-it’ note! Although the model of the artist, the lady and all the little accessories (Paints, brushes,etc) are detailed and amusing, the real complexity lies within the case under their feet. The handle operates a ‘worm’ gear which in turn drives two large cams.  One controls the forwards-and-backwards movement of the artist’s arm, the other the ‘side-to-side’ movements. A series of levers transmit the movements and the combination of both actions results in the drawing.  A final word: the artist is very imaginative…he doesn’t draw exactly what he sees in front of him! 

This kit is very complex and will take many hours to assemble: a fair degree of patience and skill is required. If you fancy a challenge and want to construct this wonderful model, ‘the artist’ is the kit for you!


  • This is our most complex model. When the handle is turned the artist draws a real picture of the lady on a ‘post-it’ note. To find out more, go to the special page about this wondrous kit.
  • ‘The artist automaton’ kit is £48:00