Felix, the Flying Feline!



Buy this kit and build the fantastic FELIX. He’s designed to balance on a tightrope, and rides his unicycle down a gentle slope, giving an amazing display of balancing as he pedals furiously along. He’ll happily ride across the room, but you can make him perform truly sensational stunts by using a LOOOOONG piece of string: How about a trip from an upstairs window to a landing point many yards away? See the video to get an idea of what’s possible. Felix is approximately 12.5″, 32cm high, from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. He’s supplied with FULLY ILLUSTRATED step-by-step instructions, and as there are no words non-english speakers will have no trouble building him. The only tools you’ll need are a craft knife and a tube of glue. (You’ll also need a wax candle to rub on moving parts, to lubricate them). This model isn’t suitable for younger children to build, because a fair degree of accuracy (and a sharp craft knife!) are needed to build. Felix is wonderful value at only £12.00.


Build FELIX THE FLYING FELINE, and see him balance mysteriously as he pedals along.  He’ll cross the room on his tightrope, or even take a record-breaking wire walk from an upstairs window, if you have a long enough piece of string! Felix is supplied with step-by-step illustrated instructions (Only illustrations are used, so non-english speakers will be able to build him) All you’ll need is a craft knife, some glue and a candle. Felix is approximately 12.5″, 32 cm tall, and fantastic value at only £12.00!