Here’s our Kong kit

This kit builds into a HUGE model. The large size is over 39″ (1 meter) high, the giant size an amazing 59″ (150 cm). In spite of its size it can be displayed on a fairly small shelf (though to operate a bit more space is needed!). You can see the details of the model in the photos below. The airplanes are fixed to long arms which are mounted on a spindle. The kong is connected to a concealed thread inside the model; the thread passes round the airplane spindle and then to a weight which hangs inside the tower. When the weight descends the airplanes spin and Kong climbs the tower. Kong is articulated; as he climbs his body moves first one way then the other.

The model is very striking, the skyscraper (being so large) makes a splendid display piece on its own.


  • This kit builds into an astonishing 102 cm high model featuring a beautiful skyscraper with two rotating airplanes and a magnificent articulated Kong. The model is an automaton; when wound up and set in motion the airplanes spin slowly round as the Kong climbs up the skyscraper, clutching his terrified victim. The standard (102cm) kit is £25:00.
  • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions