Rude Moose!


Here’s the fabulous Rude Moose kit!


Imagine him on the wall of your baronial castle. Easy and fun to make, he’s a magnificent 9 by 10 inches, and costs only £10.00!


Here’s Rude Moose!  He’s our easiest kit, you can even use a small pair of scissors to cut the parts out.  Everything you need is supplied, except glue and scissors, and the instructions will take you through the moose-building process ‘step-by-step’. The finished result is your very own magnificent shield-mounted moose, who never fails to insult anyone who pulls the tab!  Moose is approximately 9″ wide by 10″ high, and will enhance any wall or door. He’s available at the very reasonable price of £10.00 plus postage, so go to the shopping cart and pick one up now!