The Lion Tamer


Here’s the wonderful LION TAMER !

The model comes with 145 fully-coloured parts to cut out and very comprehensive step-by-step instructions so you can build your kit. The action is very elaborate and is achieved by the use of gears and cams which regulate the lion and tamer’s movements as you crank the handle. Building this model gives many hours of pleasure and the finished result is truly awe inspiring!  This model is complex so isn’t suitable for younger children, a fair degree of care and patience is required to build it. The lion tamer builds into a large and impressive model, dimensions are approx:46 cm long, 35cm high and 13cm deep. The lion tamer kit is £28.00.


You can buy the lion tamer kit on our ‘Shopping cart’ page, but first look at this link: The link below will take you to a spectacular movie showing construction and operation of our lion tamer kit. It was made by ‘DUTCH PAPER GIRL‘, who has built the kit. You should look at her youtube videos, which show lots of her wonderful creations, also tutorials explaining how many of them are made.