The Nervous Owl


Here’s the nervous owl! He’s fully automated, turn the handle and be astonished to see how he turns his head as he watches the mouse ride round and round! But even owls can’t turn their heads forever so owl has to snap his head back, only to twist round again and again as he follows mouse’s endless circuits! This model contains all the parts you’ll need to build nervous owl, only a craft knife and some glue are needed to complete your model. There are very comprehensive ‘step-by-step’ instructions, and plenty of diagrams to help construction, but this kit is not suitable for younger children as a fair bit of care and patience is required. The finished model is a little over 12″ high. Nervous owl is great value at only £14.00!


Here’s the wonderful NERVOUS OWL automaton!

Poor baby owl! He was expecting a tasty mouse snack, but instead he must watch endless circuits of the fearless ‘Hell’s  Rodent’ on his Harley!

Build this amazing automaton, all materials and full ‘step-by-step’ instructions are supplied.  All you’ll need is glue, and a craft knife. Nervous owl is only £14.00.