The Shipwreck


Here’s the amazing SHIPWRECK automaton!

Build this fabulous model, and see the horror as the magnificent SS CARDBOARDIA sails across the ocean to meet her fate, as she ploughs into the iceberg and sinks beneath the waves. This kit has fully illustrated step-by-step instructions and is easy to build, but some care and patience is required due to small parts. The finished size is approx 10.52″ long, 2.5″ wide and 6.5″high. You can see a movie of this model on the special page. You can buy this fabulous kit for only £12.00.


Here’s the wonderful shipwreck automaton.  Turn the handle and see the horror as the magnificent liner S.S.Cardboardia sails majestically across the paper ocean, strikes the iceberg and sinks.  This model is fantastic value at only £12.00!   Take a look at the special page (and the movie page!) to see more.