The Wonderful Swimming Mermaid


This kit builds into the fantastic swimming mermaid.  Her tail is hinged in three places and when the handle is turned you’ll be amazed at her supple fish-like swimming movements.  She’s fully coloured and complete with fish, seaweed, seahorses and a fierce crab to complete the marine atmosphere. Comprehensive and fully-illustrated instructions are supplied.  See the special mermaid page for full details!

The wonderful swimming mermaid can be yours for £18.00


Here’s the wonderful mermaid. Her articulated tail has three sections which move in a supple swishing action when the handle is turned. The handle is connected via a series of four gear wheels to a spiral crank inside her body, which makes the tail move. The instructions are very fully illustrated with diagrams to make assembly as easy as possible, however this kit is fairly complex, and will take a fair bit of patience and time to assemble. Dimensions: approx17.5″ long by 14″ high (65 by 35 cm). price £18.00